1Appraisal of Application of ICT in Zakat Management in Nigeria

2Transparency and Investment Recommendation for Islamic Investment Account: An Empirical Analysis

3A Relook into Awareness, Perceptions and Infrastructure Needs A Case of Sukuk and the Nigerians

6The Role of Zakat as an Islamic Social Finance towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goals A Case Study of Northern Nigeria
7 Comparing the Concept of Rahn and Debenture in Islamic Finance Perspective

8Does Islamic Screening affect Corporate Governance, Dr. Zaheer Anwer

9A Proposed Integrated Islamic Crowdfunding - Microfinance (Iicm) Model For Poverty Reduction A Case Study Of Indonesia

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11Analysing the Performance of Malaysian Islamic and Conventional Stock Portfolios

12The Impact Of Financial Risks On The Performance Of Islamic Banks In Malaysia

13Operationalizing Tawarruq By Islamic Banks In Malaysia

14Awareness of Shariah Compliant CSR Activities of Islamic Bank

15Socio-Economic Impact of Selected Waqf Projects Terengganu Culinary Academy & Usim’s Specialist Medical Clinic

16 Analysing the Performance of Indonesian Islamic Rural Banks Does Bank Size Matter

17A Study on Performance Evaluation of Islamic Banks In Malaysia In The Perception of Resource Mobilization (Deposits)

18Global Financial Inclusion The Role of Islamic Finance Towards an Inclusive Financial System (1)

19Corporations and SDGs (1)

20Are the Green Projects in Line with the Maqasid Shariah An Assessment of Green Firms in Bangladesh

21A Literature Review on Factors Influencing Banks’ Participation

22 A Proposed Integrated Temporary Cash Waqf and Salam for Agri-Financing for Rice Farmers in Indonesia

23Humanitarian Sukuk – Practical Instrument in Eliminating Refugee Crisis

24 Smart Sukuk Structure From Shari’ah Perspective The Application Of Mudarabah Smart Contract